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VNSNY’s Response to COVID-19

From: ABC World News Tonight
A news segment has aired on ABC News World Tonight featuring Ruth Caballero, a VNSNY nurse, and her journey to the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus. We follow Ruth as she boards a Manhattan-bound bus and watch as she puts on the face masks, gloves, and gown required for her home visit with a COVID-19 patient who was recently discharged from the hospital.
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Nurses Care for COVID-19 Patients at Their Homes

From: WPIX-TV News 11
WPIX-TV News 11 has aired a segment that highlights the heroic work of two VNSNY nurses who provide care to New Yorkers with COVID-19. Ruth Caballero has been with VNSNY for 20 years and says that "every day that a patient comes home to home care, I do a high five." And Gregory Vargas sums up his experience caring for patients with COVID-19 by explaining, "I'm a nurse. It's my role."
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Why I’m No Longer Scared of Dying Alone

From: The Washington Post
An article from The Washington Post features two clinicians from VNSNY Hospice and Palliative Care, Social Worker Joel Karlin and Hannah Schwartz, RN. The piece details the apprehension one may feel toward dying alone, and provides insight into how people can come to a sense of acceptance, independence, and control when contemplating the end-of-life.
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The Mystery of This Dusty Book, Signed by Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt

From: The New York Times
The New York Times has featured VNSNY and founder Lillian Wald in an article entitled "The Mystery of This Dusty Book, Signed by Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt." The article focuses on the surprise discovery of an artifact that was tossed in with theatrical memorabilia and includes a historical description of Lillian Wald and an overview of her many contributions, including the founding of VNSNY and its continuation.
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Beating the Holiday Blues Among Bronx Seniors

From: BronxNet TV
BronxNet TV has featured VNSNY Psychiatric Social Worker Natalie Silva and Social Work Assistant Andrea Castaneda-Wang in a segment for the TV show OPEN on community geriatric mental health. In the segment, they provide signs to look out for in depressed seniors and resources for helping combat the “holiday blues.”
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From Puerto Rico to Northern California: Lillian Wald’s Vision of Public Health Service is Alive and Well

From: The Huffington Post
Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and surrounding islands, as well as by the wildfires in Northern California, several VNSNY staff members left their homes and families to provide hands-on assistance. Their community-minded contributions exemplify the spirit of public health service embodied by Lillian Wald, the nation’s first public health nurse and founder of VNSNY. In this article, three VNSNY volunteers share what they encountered and experienced in their relief work.
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