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Finding the home health care services you need can be overwhelming—especially if you’re not sure who does what. The Visiting Nurse Service of New York can help.

Highly Skilled, Expert Home Care Team

Whether you’re looking for senior care for an elderly parent, assistance making dietary and lifestyle changes after a diagnosis of diabetes or congestive heart failure, help with changing surgical dressings and caring for wounds, or physical therapy after a fall, VNSNY has the resources, the knowledge, and the clinical expertise you need.

VNSNY works closely with your physician to develop a customized plan of care based on your individual needs. We meet with the patient (and, when necessary, the family) to determine the appropriate level of care, and we put together a home health care team to meet the patient’s needs. Depending on the care you require, your care team might include the following:

Registered nurses take care of your medical needs such as managing medications and cleaning wounds or ostomy sites, as well as helping you understand your condition and follow the plan of care as prescribed by your physician. VNSNY nurses also keep your physician up-to-date on any changes in your condition.

Rehabilitation therapists help as you regain function after a stroke, injury, illness, or surgery.

  • Physical therapists work with you to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Your physical therapist might help you with walking or regaining use of a shoulder.
  • Occupational therapists help with fine motor skills required to perform activities of daily living, such as buttoning a shirt, shaving, or brushing your teeth.
  • Speech-language pathologists help with regaining the ability to speak and understand speech, and can help with strengthening the muscles of the face, mouth, and neck to improve the ability to chew and swallow and to help prevent choking.

Medical social workers assess physical, functional, emotional, environmental, and social needs. They can also offer strategies and resources for support.

Certified home health aides can provide assistance with personal care (such as bathing, dressing or meal preparation), check vital signs under specific circumstances, and help keep track of your symptoms. They can also remind you to take medications (but they cannot measure and dispense medications) and escort you to and from appointments. Learn more about our home health aide services in New York.

Compassionate Care

We understand that there is often emotional, physical, and financial stress associated with using home health care. Our clinical professionals, home health aides, and staff are fully aware that you need your questions answered and your medical needs attended to. They also know it’s important to do so in a manner that makes you comfortable and helps you or your loved one live the best life possible.

  • We understand that you and your loved ones live in the real world, dealing with all of life’s ups and downs.
  • We understand when your parents want to live in their own home but you can’t be with them all the time.
  • We understand when your wife needs help getting around, bathing, and taking care of her wounds after she leaves the hospital.
  • We understand when your father is cranky because he needs to give up his favorite foods, now that he’s been diagnosed with heart failure and diabetes.

No matter your situation, we understand how to provide the highest quality home health care when, where, and how you need it.

Providing you or your loved one with the highest quality home health care is not only about having a thoughtful, friendly, and caring clinician come into your home. Our staff is all of those things, and more—our clinicians are highly trained with years of experience and are experts in their specific fields.

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