A Patient’s Daughter About Care Team, Manhattan

* Names have been added or changed to protect privacy.

“It is my pleasure to write this letter of appreciation for the team of therapists that has been assisting my father in his recovery from a stroke. Thanks to the dedication, energy, and persistence of nurse Marianne and her team, my father’s condition has greatly improved. Barbara, his speech therapist, didn’t allow the language barrier to impede her from helping my father. He now has a much easier time communicating. Thanks to Edwin, his physical therapist, within a month my father was able to stand up by himself and hold himself up while being dressed. Tiffany, his occupational therapist, taught him how to use his left hand and encouraged the home attendant to have him perform exercises to strengthen his right side every two hours. My dad is now able to feed himself. My father is an incredibly strong-willed and independent man. Barbara, Edwin, and Tiffany have taught him that he can be self-sufficient despite the limitations he has. My family and I will be forever grateful for it.” —Ling, a family caregiver from Manhattan

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