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VNSNY Code of Conduct

VNSNY’s Code of Conduct is our statement of ethical and compliance principles that guide our daily operations. The Code of Conduct establishes key ethical principles that we require all directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents and others associated with VNSNY and its First Tier, Downstream and Related Entities (“FDRs”) to follow, as well as standards to help ensure compliance with applicable laws and company policies.

The Code of Conduct requires VNSNY’s employees, Board members, administrators, physicians, volunteers, and those with whom we do business to report any action(s) that may be unlawful, inappropriate, or in violation of the Code of Conduct, applicable VNSNY policies and procedures, or applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Be assured, there will be no intimidation of, or retaliation against, anyone who in good faith reports a compliance concern.

View the VNSNY Non-Retaliation and Non-Intimidation Policy.