VNSNY Hospice Nurse Featured in TODAY Show Documentary

For hospice nurses, every home visit carries a special importance. This short documentary from NBC’s TODAY Show, which follows VNSNY Hospice nurse Diane Blair, RN, BSN, captures the unique role these nurses play.

“With hospice and palliative care, you treat the whole family,” says Diane. “It’s almost as if you become one of their family members. Most patients will tell you, it’s the fear of unknown. They know they’re going to die, but they don’t know how or what’s going to happen to their families after they die. We just let them know we are here on the journey.”

Diane has been a nurse for 16 years. She has worked as a VNSNY Hospice nurse for about two years, caring for patients in her home borough of Staten Island. “When I started, I had one idea of hospice—that it’s a program for the terminally ill, and eventually they will die. But now, after the experiences that I’ve had, I would tell anyone that hospice is a program that helps the terminally ill live.”

“It’s definitely an emotional roller coaster, and we’re all here for that ride. Cherish your days, make memories for your family members, and enjoy the time that you have.”

“Walk in My Shoes” is a video series produced by NBC’s TODAY Show for the show’s website.

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