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Positioning VNSNY for the Future

VNSNY President and CEO Marki FlanneryAn Interview with Marki Flannery, VNSNY’s President and Chief Executive Officer

Marki Flannery joined the Visiting Nurse Service of New York in 1982. She was appointed President of its licensed home care services division, Partners in Care, in 1996, and led that organization until January, 2015, when she became Executive Vice President and Chief of Provider Services for VNSNY. Having left the organization last November, Ms. Flannery returned to VNSNY on April 11, 2018, as its President and CEO.

Welcome back! After many years in senior leadership positions at VNSNY, you’ve now returned as President and CEO. What has that been like?

First of all, I’m thrilled to be back at VNSNY and to be working alongside this incredible group of people. One of my immediate priorities upon returning has been to increase and enhance communication within VNSNY, so I’ve spent a lot of time these first two months meeting with staff and sending out regular communications. On a personal level, the affection and feeling of welcome I’ve received from everyone has been overwhelming, and I’m very grateful for that. I’ve also had a chance to sit down with a good number of staff members one-on-one to get their views. A number of themes have emerged that I’ll be sharing with our Board later this month.

What are you hearing?

Overall, the mood is very upbeat. People feel that VNSNY is in a place where we can be successful and move forward, and they’re ready to do whatever is needed to help the organization. I’ve also gotten great feedback on recent additions to our leadership team. We just recruited two talented former VNSNY executives—David Rosales, who is returning to serve as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, and Michael Bernstein, who will be our Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. Both of them have strong experience inside and outside VNSNY. They’re exactly the leadership we need, and the reaction to their hiring has been fantastic.

What else have you been focused on?

One key point I’ve been emphasizing to our management and staff is the need to make sure our customers have a better experience in every interaction they have with us. That has to be a top priority. I have held and scheduled meetings with our key partners, regulatory bodies, associations, and customers as well, and we’re exploring a number of growth opportunities in the marketplace, ranging from acquisitions to different types of partnerships. I’ve also been meeting almost on a daily basis with organizations looking to explore various ways they could potentially work with us. This is great news for VNSNY.

It sounds like VNSNY is at a positive inflection point.

I think we’re poised to make real progress. As we figure out what we need to do, it’s time to take action. That’s why I moved quickly to bring in people I felt were a good fit with the organization. This is a big year for us—it’s VNSNY’s 125th anniversary, and a number of our individual businesses also have major anniversaries. Starting in August, our Manhattan workforce will be moving to a new state-of-the-art space at 220 East 42nd Street. All of that is positioning VNSNY to move in the right direction, and I am very excited about the future of VNSNY as we head into the next 125 years.

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