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Becoming a Leading Care Management Organization

Care ManagementAs the health care industry changes, VNSNY as an organization continues to refine its strategic roadmap. To sum up VNSNY’s direction in just a sentence, we are transforming to become a leading home- and community-based care management organization. In the future, we’ll not only be providing health care services in the home, but also employing sophisticated data analytics and care coordination to manage the full continuum of post-acute care for our patients and plan members.

Value-based payments are where home care is heading—and with our care coordination expertise, we’re at the forefront of this movement.

As the baby boomer generation ages, demand for home care services is growing. VNSNY is ideally positioned to be a national leader in this expanding market. To do this, though, we need to use innovative technology and other cutting-edge approaches to deliver quality care in a cost-effective way.

More Intelligent Care Delivery

Technology and innovation will be used to enhance our patient care experience. We also need to be smarter in the way we deliver care, using advanced technology to provide the highest level of care. For example, we’re expanding our telemedicine program, using technology that sends patients’ vital signs directly to their care providers on a daily basis, giving us an ongoing record of each patient’s health status.

The goal: to deliver care more intelligently. This includes using population health techniques such as evidence-based algorithms to ensure that each patient and CHOICE member gets the right mix of services at the right time. We also recently created a new innovation group within VNSNY that’s focused on new technologies for enhancing the care provided by our clinicians.

Leveraging Expertise in Value-Based Payment Models

Value-based payments are where home care is heading—and with our expertise in care coordination, VNSNY is at the forefront of this movement. New York State is putting more and more emphasis on Medicaid managed long-term care (MLTC) plans, in which insurance plans are paid a fixed monthly amount per member. VNSNY CHOICE, our insurance arm, has one of the state’s largest MLTC plans, and we’re looking to grow that membership significantly.

Meanwhile, VNSNY’s certified home care agency is very involved in Medicare’s value-based bundled payment initiatives, and is increasingly entering into value-based purchasing agreements with private insurers as well. VNSNY is both a health care provider and a payer.

VNSNY: Both a Health Care Provider and Payer

Leveraging VNSNY’s provider and insurance businesses in an integrated way is a key advantage. Our licensed home care services agency, Partners in Care, which employs nearly 9,000 home health aides (HHAs), gets 75 percent of its business from our CHOICE MLTC plan—meaning that as CHOICE MLTC grows, so will Partners in Care.

For this same reason, we’re focused on investing in our staff by providing advanced training and a career ladder for our HHAs. Studies show that providing home health aide services reduces people’s hospitalization rates by 35 percent, and maintaining a skilled HHA workforce will be a big part of home care moving forward.

Building on Core Strengths

We’re continuing to expand our relationships as a post-acute care provider for our referring partners, including New York’s major hospital systems as well as local skilled nursing facilities and home care physicians.

Finally, we feel our hospice business holds tremendous opportunity. VNSNY Hospice and Palliative Care is currently our single fastest-growing service. As the largest home-based hospice program in New York City, we’re actively reaching out to local hospitals and palliative care physicians to explain the benefits of skilled end-of-life care, and encourage more families in the community to utilize this important resource.