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Care Management

Partners in Care Case ManagementCaring for someone is demanding, and ensuring your loved one has all of the services they need and deserve takes special expertise, in-depth knowledge, and time.

When scheduling conflicts or distance prevent you from taking on this role, care management services may be the solution. Our professional care managers are experienced registered nurses with the qualifications to ensure your loved one receives the attention, care, and benefits they’re entitled to.

Care management from Partners in Care provides relief for caregivers’ burdens and offers peace of mind by ensuring your loved one can maintain the best quality of life and can live safely and comfortably at home as long as possible.

As the name suggests, a care manager steps in to oversee every aspect of your loved one’s care. No detail is too small—care managers can supervise a home care team, work with home contractors on home safety modifications, accompany your loved one to doctor appointments, and coordinate financial and legal matters. A care manager is a trusted advisor, and when families might disagree on the appropriate care for a parent or loved one, a care manager can act as an impartial mediator.

Medical and Physical Care Management

Care management begins with a personal evaluation from a nurse, which will:

  • Assess your loved one’s physical health, including heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol screening test, and skin appraisal
  • Identify any immediate medical concerns and coordinate with the appropriate physician
  • Review all medications and nutritional practices, discuss side effects, and make dietary recommendations
  • Evaluate the home environment and recommend safety procedures to prevent falls or to address hazards

Through on-going visits, care management can:

  • Help prevent the need for hospital visits
  • Recommend ways to manage health, lifestyle, and chronic conditions in the comfort of your own home
  • Make sure medications are taken properly and physician instructions are followed
  • Coordinate medical appointments, including physician appointments, lab work, and outpatient treatments
  • Accompany your loved one to medical appointments and report findings to family members
  • Continue to monitor your loved one’s condition and adapt the plan of care as needed

Support with Financial, Legal, and Social Entitlements

Researching the right services and coordinating care providers can be a full-time job—especially for family caregivers who may not know where to turn for help. A care manager can identify the appropriate resources and entitlements you or your loved one may qualify for. Your care manager can act as a liaison with elder law attorneys and financial advisors, and can arrange for services from providers and contractors, such as:

  • Schedule home maintenance
  • Coordinate transportation
  • Coordinate meal delivery services
  • Arrange for hairstyling/grooming services
  • Find appropriate community resources (support groups/adult day centers)
  • Ensure bills are paid
  • Assist with completing insurance forms and applications

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