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Partners in Care, from the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, offers a full range of home care services matched to your or your loved one’s needs, from personal care or companionship to round-the-clock, continuous nursing care, often within as little as 24 hours of your request. When you call us, we’ll work with you to determine which services best meet your needs.

Home Health Aides and Other Services

All home health aide services begin with an assessment from a registered nurse. The nurse will recommend services and will work with the health plan (for clients and patients with MLTC) or with the family and client (for those paying out of pocket or with private long term care insurance) to develop a care plan.

Personal Care

For clients with managed long term care or who pay out of pocket.

Certified home health aides, supervised by a registered nurse, can track vital signs and provide personal care services.

For help with day-to-day activities, personal care is the right choice when you:

  • Want to feel connected and be treated with dignity and respect
  • Need assistance getting to and from medical appointments
  • Want reassurance that your loved one has the right trusted helper to be safe and live comfortably
  • Need help with daily tasks like food shopping and cooking, bathing, and dressing

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Health Care Escort

Partners in Care can also provide a health care escort on a private-pay basis. One of our certified home health aides can meet your loved one to see that they arrive at medical appointments safely and on time, and back home again. Health care escorts are also available if you need someone to escort you home when legally required following a procedure.

A health care escort is the right choice:

  • After hospital discharge or after an outpatient procedure that requires assistance getting home
  • For a medical appointment

Companionship & Private Pay Home Health Aides

Private-duty home health aides, certified and supervised by a registered nurse, can perform personal care, take your loved one to and from appointments, and can also provide companion care.

For help with day-to-day activities, companion care is the right choice when you or your loved one:

  • Wants to feel connected and be treated with dignity and respect
  • Needs help that isn’t covered by insurance
  • Wants reassurance that your loved one has the right trusted helper to be safe and live comfortably
  • Is looking for responsible, knowledgeable, compassionate respite care
  • Needs help with daily tasks like food shopping and cooking, bathing, and dressing

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Private Care Services and Assessments

Partners in care offers private-duty nursing and rehabilitation, in-home assessments for safety, and caregiver support services at affordable rates.

Private Nursing Care

Private-duty nursing provides personalized medical care on a schedule and at a location that’s convenient for you.

Private nursing home care is the right choice when you want:

  • Care as you recover from surgery or an accident or injury
  • Assistance managing an older loved one’s on-going chronic conditions with complex medication regimens
  • Assurance that your elderly parent is following their doctor’s orders
  • An expert to monitor clinical progress and communicate with providers
  • Specialized medical treatment to care for slow-to-heal or complex wounds (including ostomies), to manage infusion therapy or intravenous feedings, or other situations where clinical expertise is warranted

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Rehabilitation Therapies

Skilled, licensed therapists provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy to aid in recovery and to increase strength, flexibility, range of motion, and coordination.

Rehabilitation therapy is the right choice when you or your loved one are:

  • Recuperating from a health emergency such as stroke or accidental injury
  • Recovering from surgery
  • At risk for falls
  • Living with a disability or chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s
  • Suffering from advanced illness

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Clinical Assessments

The right home care starts with the right information. Clinical assessments from Partners in Care are administered by experienced nurses and provide you with a reliable source of complete and accurate information about your loved one’s condition and needs so you can make the best decisions about their care. Our nurses determine whether your loved one can continue to live independently or would be more comfortable and safer in a skilled nursing facility. The nurse will make sure you understand your loved one’s condition and offer effective solutions to manage it.

Clinical assessments that help take the guesswork out of caregiving are the right choice when:

  • You believe you can no longer provide the best care for your loved one at home
  • You are concerned about your loved one’s safety

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Caregiver Support

VNSNY’s Caregiver Support Services give you the help you need and the peace of mind that your loved one is getting the best care possible.

Would VNSNY Caregiver Support Services help you and your loved one?

  • Have you been suddenly plunged into a caregiving role due to illness or medical crisis and need help getting up to speed?
  • Does your loved one have multiple, or increasing, medical issues or conditions?
  • Does your parent need care but is resistant to admitting they need help?
  • Do family members have different opinions about the best way to care for your loved one?

We offer two services to support caregivers. Both are customizable, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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Complement or Extend Care

By working closely with a Certified Home Health Agency, Partners in Care can act as a supplement to provide additional skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapy, or assistance with day-to-day activities.

This means that if you feel your loved one isn’t receiving enough services through covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or other medical insurance, or want more hours for additional support to accommodate caregivers’ schedules during the work week or weekends, you can pay privately through Partners in Care.

Corporate Wellness Services

Partners in Care offers a number of in-office wellness programs that can be customized to meet your company’s needs, whether your office is big or small. Our corporate wellness programs are specifically designed to provide impactful preventive health care to help your company reduce costs and show your employees you value them.

Partners in Care brings wellness to you and your company with such offerings as:

  • Immunization programs, including flu vaccinations
  • Preventive health screenings to check blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels
  • Educational wellness workshops on topics such as stress management and diabetes
  • Care management consultations for recommendations and advice to employees caring for aging loved ones

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