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Why Choose VNSNY Hospice Care

It can be hard to make choices about care as a loved one’s illness progresses. For most people, caring for someone nearing the end of life is a new experience. It’s normal to be worried or overwhelmed. When you choose VNSNY Hospice Care, you’ll have a trusted partner to help you provide the best care possible for your loved one, and you’ll have a team of experts to rely on every step of the way.

The VNSNY Hospice Difference

VNSNY began providing hospice care to New Yorkers in 1983. We’re now the largest hospice provider in New York State and one of the largest in the country. But we still focus on one patient, and one family, at a time. Our goals are to make sure your loved one is as comfortable as possible and to  enhance their quality of life.

What you can trust VNSNY Hospice to provide:

Personalized services and care that you and your loved one need

We know that each patient is unique. Your hospice care team will work with you to develop a care plan that respects your choices and wishes. Together, we’ll make sure that your loved one’s hospice services include the medical, emotional, and personal care they need.

Support for families and caregivers

We understand that if you’re the caregiver, relative, or close friend of the patient, you can feel overwhelmed at times, so our services support each patient’s family and loved ones. With VNSNY Hospice, you’ll have:

  • The information you need to feel confident as you care for your loved one
  • Guidance in making difficult decisions
  • Access to a nurse 24/7 access in case of an emergency

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Respectful, culturally sensitive care

Hospice care goes beyond medical and physical needs. The VNSNY Hospice staff is very comfortable providing emotional support and spiritual care to people regardless of religion, cultural background, country of origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. You can feel confident that we will always respect your and your loved one’s beliefs and traditions. For people who are more comfortable speaking a language other than English, we have staff members who speak Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and other languages.

The VNSNY Hospice staff has received cultural training from these organizations:

Through the HOPE Program, VNSNY Hospice also works with health care, faith, and community leaders in Harlem and the South Bronx to give Black and Latino New Yorkers information about hospice care and its benefits.

Special Hospice Programs and Services

For people with specific needs, we offer several specialized hospice programs.

Cardiac Hospice Care Program

If your loved one has advanced heart failure, they often have symptoms that can be quite frightening. You may be tempted to rush them to the emergency room. VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Care Program focuses on managing heart failure symptoms at home to avoid unneeded trips to the hospital.
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COPD Hospice Care Program

People with advanced COPD need special care and equipment to manage the symptoms of their disease. VNSNY’s COPD Hospice Care Program can provide clinical experts and care team members who are trained in techniques that can help relieve COPD-related symptoms.
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Hospice Care for Veterans

The VNSNY Hospice Care for Veterans Program is recognized by We Honor Veterans as a Level Five hospice partner with the ability to provide the specialized medical care, emotional support, and spiritual care that veterans and their families need.
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Special Benefits from VNSNY Hospice

Paramedicine Services

VNSNY has recently begun working with the Mount Sinai Health System to provide in-home emergency care to patients who live in select neighborhoods. If you call your VNSNY Hospice nurse instead of 911 when your loved one requires immediate care, a trained paramedic can tend to them so that you don’t have to take them to the emergency room.

Specialized Care for Wounds and Bedsores in a Hospice Setting

People often suffer wounds resulting from their disease or just from being bedbound. With VNSNY Hospice, your loved one has access to specialized advanced practice nurses who are certified in caring for wounds.

About VNSNY Hospice

For more than 35 years, VNSNY Hospice and Palliative Care has provided comfort, relief, and peace of mind to people with advanced or terminal illnesses and their families. We are the largest hospice provider in both New York State and the New York metropolitan area, and we’re the only hospice provider serving all five boroughs of New York City. In 2020, we helped over 7,000 patients at the end of life get the care they deserve.

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