Cardiac Hospice Care

VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Care Program offers people with advanced heart disease the right level of care as their illness gets worse.

How Can Hospice Help People with Heart Failure?

Home hospice care provides the right level of care and support a person needs as they get sicker. It focuses on treating physical and emotional needs rather than on curing a person’s illness. The goal of VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Program is to improve quality of life and reduce hospital visits for people with advanced heart failure and other advanced cardiac diseases by:

  • Reducing pain, shortness of breath, and other symptoms caused by advanced heart disease
  • Supporting caregivers and family members and reducing their worry

Hospice care is not “giving up” at the very end. Instead, it offers your loved one the comfort and dignity they deserve—in the familiar surroundings of wherever they call home. Home hospice care is available to patients for several months. Many patients and families find the services so valuable that they wish they’d started hospice care sooner.

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Hospice care gives patients and their families the chance to make the most of their time together. It takes away the stress of unwanted hospital stays. And hospice care designed for individuals with advanced heart failure reduces the panic that symptoms such as shortness of breath can cause. In short, hospice offers you and your loved ones the tools and support you need to live life to the fullest extent possible.

When Should You Consider Cardiac Hospice Care?

Heart failure can be misleading. Even in its very late stages, people sometimes feel almost like their usual selves. They might not realize how sick they really are! So here are some signs that your loved one might benefit from VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Care Program:

Find out how VNSNY Hospice can help you.

  • More emergency room trips or calls to the doctor’s office
  • Longer, or more frequent, hospital stays
  • Increased shortness of breath
  • More dependence on oxygen, particularly when resting
  • Extra weakness or tiredness with more frequent chest pain
  • More changes to treatment or medication, with less benefit
  • Growing need for help with tasks like dressing, bathing, and eating

What You Can Expect from VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Care

A person with congestive heart failure or another advanced heart disease needs skilled experts. That’s why VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Care Program was created. Patients and caregivers in this program get home hospice care services and an extra level of support. Managing heart failure symptoms at home avoids the stress of going to the hospital, as well as the possibility of unwanted aggressive treatment.

The care teams at VNSNY Cardiac Hospice  have the training and experience to give your loved one the care they deserve and to help caregivers feel confident in keeping their loved one as comfortable as possible at home.

In addition to the care team members that all hospice patients have, Cardiac Hospice care teams also include:

  • A cardiac nurse practitioner, who works with your doctors to make and oversee your personal care plan
  • A hospice specialty coach, to support and educate you and your loved one about dealing with symptoms
  • Hospice doctors, to consult with other hospice care team members and your personal doctors

What Patients in VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Program Can Expect

  • Medical care related to their cardiac disease
  • Personal care, as determined by the care plan
  • Emotional support and spiritual care, including help with resolving family issues and making peace
  • Help with practical issues, such as a will or a health care proxy
  • Oxygen, equipment, and medications delivered to the home
  • Hospice comfort pack for emergencies
  • Other services, as necessary

What Caregivers of Patients in VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Program Can Expect

  • Education about how to care for your loved one, what to expect, and what to do in an emergency
  • Help with making decisions about care
  • Round-the-clock access to a hospice nurse through VNSNY’s caregiver help line
  • Emotional support and spiritual care to help you cope with your own feelings and help you support your children or others
  • Support in resolving family issues
  • Guidance with practical matters
  • Respite care, which allows you to take a break or even attend an important family event knowing that your loved one is cared for
  • Grief support for 13 months, to help you and your family through milestones and anniversaries

Is Hospice Care Covered by Insurance?

Yes. Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and most private insurance companies.

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