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Stories of Restorative Care

Helping patients build strength, develop flexibility, and meet challenges—that’s what our physical therapists do every day.

Patience and Understanding Help a Client Progress

Over 20 years as a physical therapist, this VNSNY clinician has learned the importance of building relationships and being sensitive to their emotional as well as physical state.

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How One Speech-Language Pathologist Brings Out the Best in Her Patients

One VNSNY speech-language pathologist has helped more than 3,000 patients overcome  communication, cognitive, and swallowing disorders caused by diseases like cancer, stroke, or Parkinson’s.

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Restoring Quality of Life and Preserving Independence

This Nassau County-based occupational therapist believes that improving the quality of patients’ lives on a daily basis is what a visiting OT’s job is all about.

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Inspiring Confidence Helps a Stroke Patient Recover

One of the challenges in rehab therapy is to help clients avoid getting discouraged, but this OT inspires confidence that keeps her patients motivated.

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Physical Therapy Combats a Patient’s Fear

Through medical knowledge and compassion, one VNSNY physical therapist helped a patient rebuild confidence—and identified a secondary cause of her weakness.

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