Stories of Care


Stories of Healing Care

Combining clinical skills with empathy, VNSNY Home Care nurses care for—and about—their patients.

When Complex Wounds Need Extra Care

VNSNY’s certified wound ostomy continence nurses advise home care nurses on patients with complex wounds that need extra care.

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Home Care Takes a Team

It takes a team to care for a very sick patient, and at the center of that team is the home care nurse.

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Tools & Encouragement to Manage Diabetes

A VNSNY home care nurse provides a patient with encouragement, guidance, and understanding so he can manage his diabetes.

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Home Care Heals Minds and Bodies

A nurse with VNSNY’s Behavioral Health and Dementia Management program helped a patient with depression heal at home.

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Nursing in NYC During the AIDS Crisis

New York City was the center of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the 1980s. A VNSNY nurse remembers what it was like.

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Easing Fears at a First Home Care Visit

As hospital stays get shorter, patients are often discharged while they still require considerable treatment. One VNSNY Home Care nurse helped a scared patient.

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The Diabetes Nurse Specialist

A VNSNY Diabetes Nurse Specialist helps patients keep their glucose levels—and their lives—under control.

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The Home Care Nurse Consultant

A VNSNY Home Care Consultant Nurse talks about the steps needed to make the transition for hospital to home safe and seamless.

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