Stories of Care


Stories of Comforting Care

Hospice is a special type of care, provided by a team working closely with patients and their families.

Helping End-of-Life Cardiac Patients Avoid the Hospital

To avoid unwanted trips to the hospital, a cardiac hospice nurse shows families how to manage their loved one’s symptoms at home.

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A Hospice Home Health Aide

As the team member that patients see most, hospice home health aides are an integral part of the hospice team, providing hands-on comfort and calming reassurance.

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Start Hospice Early for the Most Benefit

When a patient was told that continuing treatments could involve discomfort and ongoing hospitalization, she decided this was not how she wanted to experience the final chapter of a life well lived.

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The Role of Hospice Social Workers

Building trust is an important part of a social worker’s job. One hospice social worker did just that with a patient, helping him and his family find the peace they needed.

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