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Stories of Supportive Care

VNSNY was founded on the belief that healthy people need healthy communities. To this day, our services act as a safety net for at-risk individuals.

Rescuing Children in Crisis

By responding quickly and connecting effectively, a social worker with VNSNY’s Mobile Crisis Team helps a Bronx teenager cope with anxiety.

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Pediatric Palliative Care: Support for Children and Families

Pediatric palliative care helps children with severe illnesses avoid hospitalization, and provides emotional and educational support for their families.

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A Success Story in Chinatown

VNSNY’s Chinatown Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community has grown dramatically, thanks to targeted services that meet members’ needs.

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Changing Communities by Caring for Families

The Nurse-Family Partnership provides care to at-risk young mothers and their infants, but its benefits are felt throughout families and across the community.

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Averting Crises in the Bronx

VNSNY’s Community Mental Health Services offers several programs to stabilize for children and adolescents, and to support families.

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Step-by-Step Guidance for a Life-Changing Journey

Through the dedicated care of her nurse, a graduate of VNSNY’s Nurse-Family Partnership faced challenges to build a successful life.

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