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our-services-telehealthHas your doctor prescribed VNSNY’s Telehealth services? It may be because your health needs to be monitored closely until your condition stabilizes or is under control. Or perhaps you have chronic illnesses and need help taking medications and monitoring changes in your condition that may need to be addressed so they don’t get worse. With Telehealth, you receive a level of care that brings peace of mind.

Telehealth allows VNSNY to track important health information in between your nurse’s visits. It does not replace any of your home care visits. Telehealth can detect changes in your condition early, so that we can make adjustments to your care to avoid potential health complications. This will help you to stay healthy, feel more secure and safe, and reduce the possibility of a hospital visit.

How Telehealth Works

Telehealth equipment is easy to use. VNSNY will arrange for the equipment you need to be delivered and set up in your home, and your nurse will work with you to show you how to use it comfortably and confidently.

The equipment you receive will depend on your condition. For example, if you have diabetes, you may receive a Glucometer to measure blood glucose levels and a scale to monitor your weight. If you have a heart condition, you may receive a pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, and a scale.

Every time you use the Telehealth equipment, your results are automatically sent to your VNSNY Telehealth care team. Your team will work with your doctor and your VNSNY nurse and tell them about any changes in your condition. Someone on your Telehealth team may also call you to follow up on your results and explain any steps to take.

It is very important that you use the Telehealth equipment when and how your VNSNY nurse tells you to, so that your results will be consistent.

How long will I be using Telehealth?

This can vary depending on your health care needs and your condition. Most people stop using Telehealth when their home care services end.

Is Telehealth expensive?

The equipment and monitoring are part of your VNSNY care plan. When your home health care services end, we will arrange for the equipment to be picked up.

Do I need special equipment or electrical outlets?

You need an electric outlet to plug in the transmitting device, which uses about the same amount of electricity as a small clock. The information is transmitted to VNSNY through a cellphone technology.

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