Skilled Nursing

VNSNY home care nurseAs hospital stays get shorter, or as a medical condition progresses, you or your loved one may need highly skilled care that’s beyond what family or friends can provide. VNSNY skilled nursing care services are designed to keep you safe at home and to avoid setbacks and relapses that lead to hospitalization.

Every nurse is licensed and registered to work in New York State, and all of our nurses undergo extensive, on-going training that is specially designed to address home health care concerns. Many of our nurses are bilingual or multilingual, and we always try our best to match you with a nurse who can explain your care in the language you speak most comfortably.

The goal of home care is to maximize your physical, cognitive, and behavioral well-being so you can live independently at home, in your community. Your VNSNY nurse will coordinate all aspects of your care, including care from other providers, to ensure that your health needs are addressed throughout your recovery and will make sure that you are able to follow your doctors’ orders.

Coordinate Medical Care

Your VNSNY nurse will work with you (and your caregivers) and your doctors to develop a plan of care designed to meet your needs. This plan will include the right combination of services to address your condition. Your VNSNY nurse will be the primary care coordinator, and will:

  • Manage your plan of care, including scheduling visits from other VNSNY professionals
  • Review your medical care needs on an ongoing basis and evaluate your recovery
  • Keep your family caregivers and your doctors informed about your condition
  • Make sure you understand all of your medications and take them correctly
  • Teach you ways to manage your disease
  • Assist with managing symptoms, including pain
  • Support and assist you in quitting smoking
  • Help you acquire and use medical equipment

Depending on your needs, your nurse may also:

Taken incorrectly or in the wrong combination, medications can cause serious problems.

Your VNSNY nurse can help you:

  • Manage your medications
  • Assess how effective they are and monitor potential side effects
  • Work with your doctor and pharmacist to prevent dangerous drug interactions
  • Check to make sure your prescriptions are filled correctly
  • Administer infusions and injections

Who benefits:

  • Patients with chronic pain
  • Patients receiving chemotherapy
  • Patients with HIV or receiving intravenous medications
  • Seniors on complex medication regimens
  • Patients with memory or cognitive impairment

Proper wound care is critical to healing and in preventing infection.

Your VNSNY nurse may:

  • Monitor and care for your wounds, incision site, or sores
  • Provide targeted therapeutic interventions for slow-healing surgical wounds or chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers (bedsores)
  • Show you and your caregivers how to identify changes in your wound
  • Train you and your caregivers to care for your wound as it heals

Who benefits:

  • Post-surgical patients
  • People with chronic diabetes or other circulatory diseases
  • Bedbound patients or those with limited ability to shift position

By keeping track of your vital signs, your nurse can identify problems early and take measures to prevent them from becoming serious.

At each home visit, your nurse will:

  • Check your vital signs, such as your weight, pulse, blood pressure, and blood glucose
  • Review your overall condition
  • Teach you and your caregivers about your disease or condition, and how to spot changes that need further attention
  • Teach you and your caregivers how to use special equipment (such as a blood pressure cuff)

Who benefits:

  • Patients at risk of rehospitalization
  • Seniors or others with several chronic diseases
  • Patients with advanced illness

VNSNY Nurse Specialists

Your VNSNY nurse is well-trained to handle most aspects of home care. But sometimes, patients have a medical condition that requires specialized medical expertise. If you have a wound that isn’t healing normally, for example, your home care nurse may bring in one of VNSNY’s Certified Nurse Specialists. Nurse Specialists have in-depth training and knowledge and can support your home care nurse with guidance to treat extremely complex or severe cases.

Our Nurse Specialists include:

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