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The LGBTQ Health Care Bill of Rights

VNSNY strongly supports the NYC Health LGBTQ Health Care Bill of Rights

In any health care setting or health care interaction, you have the right to:

  1. Be treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism by all providers and all staff.
  2. Receive compassionate, judgment-free, and comprehensive care that is mindful of your sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  3. Respectful discussions with providers about your health and health care needs, including your sexual history and current sex life.
  4. Have your gender identity and gender expression recognized, affirmed, documented, and accommodated.
  5. Clear explanations of requests for your health information.
  6. Clear explanations of all medical procedures and risks, and the right to choose or refuse any treatment.
  7. Access health insurance coverage and benefits without discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.
  8. Choose who will make medical decisions for you if you are unable. If you are a minor, you have the right to have your voice heard and best interests included in these decisions.
  9. Decide who may and may not visit you if you are admitted to a health care facility.
  10. Privacy and confidentiality.

New York City provides several options for anyone who feels that their rights have been denied. If you believe you have been mistreated or denied care because of your sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, you can call The New York City Commission on Human Rights at 718-722-3131, or call 311, or file a complaint online to report discrimination. For issues in another part of the country, get help here.

Download a PDF of the LGBT Health Care Bill of Rights

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