Community Programs

Building Healthy Communities

At VNSNY, we are committed to providing expert and compassionate home health care of the highest quality. But we also know that healthy individuals need healthy communities, so we have several innovative community-based specialty support services and programs for at-risk individuals of all ages, family caregivers, and those who might fall through the safety net.

Community Collaborations

VNSNY’s relationships in the communities we serve are central to our mission of improving the health and well-being of our patients and members.

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HOPE Program

Through its HOPE Program, VNSNY works with partners in Harlem and the South Bronx to make sure residents have accurate information about end-of-life care.

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Community Mental Health Services

VNSNY offers a wide range of Community Mental Health programs that serve the mentally ill, provide geriatric mental health case management, and offer mental health counseling to children and families. The goal: to get consistent, coordinated care to the individuals who need it and their families.

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Chinatown Community Outreach

VNSNY has a special presence in Chinatown, the Chinatown Community Center and the Chinatown NNORC, to help people find the health and social programs that are available to them.

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Children and Family Services

VNSNY offers services for infants and children who require home care for short-term (acute) and long-lasting (chronic) conditions, as well as for medically fragile children, children who may have developmental issues or special needs, and for high-risk families.

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VNSNY offers workshops and presentations, support groups, even exercise classes!

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