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Samantha’s Story

Samantha* never had a stable home, so when she became pregnant, she vowed to do better for her son. “She knew she wanted to be a great mom, but she didn’t know how,” says nurse Adelmis, who works with Samantha as part of VNSNY’s Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), which is made possible in part because of donations to the program. “There are a lot of young women who want to be great moms but aren’t sure how,” she adds. “Our program helps them understand what being a great mom involves and access the tools to get there.”

Adelmis began making weekly visits in Samantha’s final months of pregnancy to check her health, discuss goals for herself and the baby, and inform and empower her as a mother. Adelmis used a training doll, pictured at right, to teach Samantha baby skills such as how to change a diaper and the proper way to hold an infant’s head. With Adelmis’ help, Samantha got dental and vision care (replacing long-lost eyeglasses) and enrolled in the federal government’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) supplemental nutrition program.

On a crisp spring day one week before her baby was born, the two talked in great detail about many aspects of pregnancy and motherhood, including swollen wrists, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, the importance of skin-to-skin contact and much more.

Since her baby Christopher’s birth in June, Adelmis’ visits now focus on his health and development, infant-mother bonding, Samantha’s physical and emotional well-being, and helping her achieve her goal of returning to the workforce and providing for her son.

“Adelmis has given me so much information and brought a whole new light on being pregnant,” says Samantha. “She made me feel better about being a mother.”

* The name of the client and her child have been changed for privacy.

VNSNY was able to help Samantha in part because of donations from people like you.

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