Ashley’s Story


VNSNY’s Nurse-Family Partnership Program pairs a nurse with a young, first-time mom from pregnancy through the child’s second birthday to keep both her and baby healthy and thriving. Ashley’s nurse Lynette helped her get through a very challenging time in her life, and made sure she and her son had access to all the resources they needed to ensure success for both of them.

Ashley and her son at the Nurse-Family Partnership graduationRecently, Ashley and her son celebrated their graduation from the Program. Ashley was one of the keynote speakers at the graduation ceremony, held at Lincoln Hospital. She congratulated all of the mothers in attendance, thanked all of the nurses, and told her powerful story.

“After I was forced to return home from college, I came back to the South Bronx in debt to the school I was attending, with no degree, and pregnant,” she recalled. “That, combined with the fact that I was in an abusive relationship [with her son’s father], forced me into an extreme depression during my pregnancy. Had it not been for the support of my family, my friends, and my nurse Lynette, I do not know what would have happened. Lynette did so much more than what a typical nurse would do. She got me into counseling to begin to deal with my depression early on, and kept me focused on my son,” Ashley told the crowd.

“Now, my son and I live on our own in a fully furnished apartment. I’m working a full time job, which not only is helping me pay for my debt but will also pay for me to complete my schooling. They also pay for my son’s daycare in my neighborhood, and he’s grown into the happiest child you will ever meet. This was all done with the help of my nurse. She’s helped me become a loving, caring, and powerful mother.”

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