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For 125 years, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York has been a beacon for New Yorkers in their darkest moments. Our charitable and community programs bring free and discounted home care services to poor uninsured homebound seniors; provide assistance to young, low-income, first-time mothers and their babies; ensure that elderly, isolated residents in Chinatown are connected to the resources they need to age in place safely; offer community outreach programs to children and adults struggling with mental illness; and much more.

As a not-for-profit agency, we rely on donations to help us provide the care we’re known for. Thanks to our dedicated supporters, VNSNY is able to change the lives of our underserved neighbors every day. Here are some of their stories.

Mr. Chan’s Story

A resident of Chinatown, Mr. Chan* is 79 and in fragile health. He and his wife were afraid they were going to be evicted. But because they are members of VNSNY’s Chinatown NNORC, they were able to get the help they need.
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Raysel’s Story

When Raysel* found out she was pregnant, she was an 18-year-old high school student. Although she was devastated to abandon her dream of joining the military, she has a new dream, fostered by a nurse with VNSNY’s Nurse-Family Partnership.
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Gloria’s Story

After her mother’s death, Gloria realized “that she forgot to teach me how to live without her.” Because VNSNY’s Hospice and Palliative Care offers families 13 months of bereavement counseling, Gloria was able to get the support she needed to find peace.
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Donate to charitable careShauna’s Story

At 19, Shauna* experienced a stroke that left her paralyzed and blind. She was cared for by her mother, and although it was hard, they managed—until Shauna sustained a serious wound. Without VNSNY’s Charitable Care, Shauna would have gone without the treatment that saved her life.
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* Patients’ names have been changed for privacy.

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