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Chinatown NNORC and Community Center

We care for Chinatown’s seniors

New York City’s Chinatown is home to thousands of older adults. Most of them speak no English, so they are often invisible to social service and health networks—and often, these older adults are unaware of the programs that may benefit them.

VNSNY has a special presence in Chinatown to address the health and social welfare of these seniors.

Chinatown NNORC

Established in 2006, the Chinatown Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NNORC) has become a trusted community resource to more than 1,200 Chinatown residents age 60 and older. The NNORC provides members with a wide range of services, from recreational activities and classes on health and well-being to case management, assistance with advocacy and entitlements, and care to age in place successfully.

Many NNORC members live in aging, walk-up tenement apartments, which threaten their well-being and, for those with limited mobility, can breed isolation, loneliness, and despair. NNORC staff visit frail and homebound members to address social and health concerns, and to make sure their homes are safe and free from hazards.

When necessary, VNSNY’s NNORC team provides referrals to partner agencies so that members of the community are able to maintain important connections in their native languages, supported by staff who understand their culture and their needs.

Chinatown Community Center

Located at 7 Mott Street, VNSNY’s Chinatown Community Center is home to the Chinatown NNORC and a bright and inviting space for members of the NNORC and residents of the neighborhood to drop by and visit. The Center has served more than 90,000 clients and hosted more than 2,500 events since it opened in 1999.

Mr. Chan’s Story of Care

A resident of Chinatown, Mr. Chan is 79 and in fragile health. He and his wife were afraid they were going to be evicted. But because they are members of VNSNY’s Chinatown NNORC, they were able to get the help they need….Read More.


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