Charitable Care at VNSNY

We care for the most vulnerable across New York, regardless of their ability to pay

For over 125 years, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York has been committed to providing care to people across New York who are in need of home care but are without resources to pay. To help alleviate their distress and ensure they receive the care they need, VNSNY makes our services available to them either for free or at a vastly reduced cost. Donors to VNSNY make this care possible.

Charitable Care

Charitable services, which are provided by our interdisciplinary care teams, include free and discounted direct home care to thousands of under- and uninsured New Yorkers. Typically, these are people who lack insurance entirely or don’t have sufficient coverage to pay for their care. We also help individuals who are eligible for Medicaid and/or Medicare to enroll in these programs.

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Arjan's Story of Care

Uninsured, Arjan* has congestive heart failure. Thanks to Charitable Care Services from VNSNY, he is recovering from his recent hospitalization, and his daughter feels great relief that she has help caring for her father.

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Patient Enrichment Program Fund

In some cases, our dedicated nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and social workers recognize that a small item or service would go a long way to improving a patient’s quality of life. To address this need, VNSNY established the Patient Enrichment Program Fund, which VNSNY clinicians can draw on to provide their homebound and other vulnerable and disadvantaged patients with items and services that promote comfort and healing. This targeted support may range from prescription medications, eyeglasses, and podiatrist-recommended shoes to remote-controlled recliners and air conditioners.

* The patient’s name has been changed for privacy.

Your gift can bring home care to New Yorkers in need.

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