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Why Give

Why Give to VNSNY?

Here in New York City, there are seniors, adults, and children who rely on home care and community-based care from VNSNY. Some are recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. Others participate in programs that help them develop parenting skills, advance their health and welfare, or manage chronic mental issues. In some cases, patients and families depend on us to help them die with dignity, in a comfortable environment.

However VNSNY touches their lives, many of these patients need care they cannot afford. Contributions from generous individuals and partners help make free and discounted home care services available to thousands of our under-and uninsured neighbors, and are critical in making possible VNSNY community-based programs that improve the lives of vulnerable New Yorkers.

When you give to VNSNY, your gift can:

  • Bring care to a homebound senior in need
  • Treat a sick, uninsured child who requires in-home nursing
  • Provide care to a terminally ill patient from a hospice aide
  • And more—many of our programs are highlighted in our latest Community Impact Report.

Make your gift to VNSNY today!

Community Impact Report

Each year, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York—together with generous supporters, community partners, and VNSNY employees—provides tens of millions of dollars in charitable care and community benefit programs. These initiatives bring care and services to those who too often fall through the cracks—the chronically ill, the frail elderly, children, the poor, and the under- and uninsured.

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Charitable and Community Programs

Part of VNSNY’s founding mission was to provide a safety net for the most at-risk New Yorkers, and today we continue that mission by making charitable care and community benefit programs available to our vulnerable neighbors. Last year, these wide-ranging programs improved the lives of tens of thousands of New Yorkers, young and old, and delivered free and discounted direct home care services to those in need.

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Your Support Changes Lives

Contributions enable VNSNY to provide expert, compassionate home- and community-based health care and life-changing programs to all New Yorkers, no matter their illness, injury, or ability to pay. A few individuals whose lives were impacted by these programs are highlighted in this section.

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Meet Our Supporters

VNSNY’s supporters are passionate about improving the lives of New York’s most vulnerable, and their donations are critical to the success of many of VNSNY’s initiatives. These profiles capture the compassion and empathy that characterize all of VNSNY’s thousands of donors.

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Make a Difference Today

Bringing this level of care and support to our neighbors who need help is made possible with the charitable support of others. You can help make sure that the familiar knock of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York will be heard at the door of any New York area family who needs us by making a gift today.

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Inspiring Hope in Isolated Seniors

Samuel was struggling with his health, isolation, and depression even before the pandemic hit. Susan of VNSNY’s Geriatric Mental Health Initiative (GMHI) helped him with his mental health, and served as a sounding board for his wife Vanessa throughout their difficult times.
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Inspiring Hope Through Vaccine Access

This pandemic year deepened the isolation of many older Chinatown residents, separating them from families, community activities, and regular care for multiple health conditions. VNSNY staff worked to get as many community members vaccinated as possible, to support their ability to connect with loved ones.
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Inspiring Hope at End of Life

The first thing that Carlos said to Ruth when they met at Harlem Hospital was, “Are you the lady that’s going to help me get home?” “And that’s how the ice broke,” said Ruth, a Nurse Liaison with VNSNY’s HOPE program (Hospice Outreach Patient and Provider Education), who indeed helped Carlos return home after 65 days in two hospitals, suffering from COVID-19 and several chronic illnesses.

Going Above and Beyond for All New Yorkers