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Current Research Projects

The Center in 2018: Active projects 

Click here for a list and brief descriptions of The Center for Home Care Policy & Research’s active projects at VNSNY.

The Center in 2017: Year in Review

Click here for a synopsis of the Center’s 2017 activities and achievements.

Recently awarded federally-funded grants

Click the study titles below for additional details on these projects.

An Overview: The Center’s research interests and activities

The research we do at the Center for Home Care Policy & Research falls into the three subject areas described below. Links are provided to descriptions of current and past projects falling into these categories.

Improving the quality, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes of home care services

These projects aim to measure and improve home care quality and outcomes through initiatives and studies on: evidence-based practice; patient outcomes; the home healthcare workforce and work environment; the relationship between formal and informal caregiving; and appropriate quality indicator measures for home care.

Read a list of projects that fall into this category.

Analyzing and informing public policies that affect home-based care

The goal of these projects is to foster equitable and cost-effective policies for home- and community-based care by analyzing, understanding, and disseminating information on post-acute and long-term care policies and how they influence access to and the use, costs, and outcomes of care.

Read a list of projects that fall into this category.

Supporting communities that promote successful aging in place

In this area, the goal is to help communities collect, interpret, and use consumer-derived and other types of data to inform planning and action in the following areas: increasing awareness about and prioritizing aging issues; designing and implementing plans to support the health, well-being, and independence of all older residents; and allocating community resources more effectively.

Read a list of projects that fall into this category.

Past Research Projects

To view a comprehensive list of past projects completed by the Center for Home Care Policy & Research, Click here.

You can also learn more about the Center by visiting our Research Center History page.

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