Complex Care Solutions for Stroke

Complex Care Solutions for StrokeWhen a patient has suffered a stroke, their doctor will suggest lifestyle modifications and prescribe medications to reduce the chances of having another one. VNSNY’s interdisciplinary team of clinicians are experienced at treating patients who have suffered strokes and utilize up-to-date protocols in order to manage the effects and address the limitations. Our clinicians help patients monitor their condition at home, get access to needed social services and obtain the greatest benefits from rehabilitation.

Our services include:

  • Helping patients to take medications properly and monitoring their effects
  • Helping patients to make changes to their diet to control their blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight
  • Making a patient’s home safer based on their specific limitations to prevent complications, such as falls
  • Providing speech-language pathology and/or occupational therapy to improve the ability to speak and swallow, and to aid with memory and comprehension
  • Helping patients with exercises and activities to maximize recovery
  • Helping patients recognize the signs and symptoms that need to be reported to their physician and when to promptly seek emergency care

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