Complex Care Solutions for Diabetes

The experience and expertise of our team allows us to improve patients’ diabetes control through a customized approach, which includes teaching lifestyle modifications, monitoring the ABC of diabetes care (A1c, blood pressure, cholesterol levels) and educating on taking medications effectively. Our approach focuses on individualized diabetes self-management instructions with a goal to reducing the risk of long-term complications and improving quality of life.

Our team works with patients to understand the provider’s prescribed treatment plan so they can follow it with confidence and improve their health.

Our services include:

  • Teaching patients to monitor and interpret their blood glucose levels
  • Teaching patients how to manage their medication regimen, including insulin therapy
  • Educating patients on how to incorporate healthy lifestyle modifications, such as meal planning and portion control, and how to engage in regular exercise, to improve the ABC of diabetes
  • Instructing patients on how to recognize and treat hypo/ hyperglycemia and when to seek emergency care

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