Complex Care Solutions for COPD

Our expertise and experience in treating patients with COPD can help them get this serious lung disease under control and lead to a more active life. Working with a patient’s doctor, VNSNY can help develop a custom approach to improve a COPD patient’s symptoms, slow the damage to their lungs, prevent complications and learn essential self-care strategies.

We help patients follow their doctor’s recommendations and slow the effects of pulmonary disease at home.

Our services include:

  • Teaching patients how to manage their disease and take their medications properly
  • Determining how to address environmental triggers and prevent condition flare-ups
  • Preventing complications, such as respiratory infections and malnutrition
  • Providing social work and behavioral health programs for depression and anxiety
  • Physical and occupational therapy to teach strategies to conserve energy, to create exercise programs for strengthening and increased activity, and to provide instruction in safe mobility
  • Helping patients recognize signs and symptoms to promptly seek emergency care

VNSNY can help you provide the best care to your patients. Find out how today.

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