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Who is a Candidate?

To help you evaluate which patients can benefit from specific VNSNY services and programs, we have developed an array of VNSNY Candidate Cards as informative reference tools.

VNSNY Candidate Cards

VNSNY Home Care

Patients who need medical treatment, assessment, education, or assistance with mobility or communicating as a result of a surgery, acute illness, or health emergency. DOWNLOAD CARD>

VNSNY Home Care for Emergency Department Patients

ED patients with health or cognitive impairments who could benefit from assistance in following the post-discharge plan of care to help reduce rehospitalizations or return ED visits. DOWNLOAD CARD >

VNSNY Private Care Services (Partners in Care)

Patients who need skilled nursing, rehabilitation, ambulatory escort, PRI or other health screenings, and/or care management beyond what Medicare and other insurers may cover. DOWNLOAD CARD >

VNSNY Hospice and Palliative Care

Patients with advanced illness who would benefit from specialized care for pain and symptom management, better quality of life, and caregiver and family support. DOWNLOAD CARD >

VNSNY Behavioral Health

Patients who are psychiatrically and/or medically homebound, have a psychiatric diagnosis/symptoms, or require psychiatric skilled nursing care. DOWNLOAD CARD >

VNSNY Physical Therapy

Patients requiring assistance to restore function; improve mobility, balance, coordination, and strength; increase activity; decrease falls risk; and perform ADLs. DOWNLOAD CARD >

VNSNY Occupational Therapy

Patients who have difficulties performing ADL or IADL tasks, with impairment in gross/fine motor coordination, cognition, or vision. DOWNLOAD CARD >

VNSNY Speech-Language Pathology

Patients with speech, language or voice, cognition-communication, or swallowing disorders who require specialized therapy to restore skills. DOWNLOAD CARD >

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