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VNSNY Provider Link Portal – FAQs

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Here are some commonly asked questions about the Provider Portal. If you require further assistance, please contact VNSNY Provider Portal Support at (833) 439-7492.


How do I sign an order?

On the Orders tab, click an order to open it. In the signature box on the right, click “Sign,” check the box next to the certification statement, then “Confirm Signature.

Why do some orders have a red due date?

The order due date turns red after 2 weeks. All orders must be signed within 30 days per federal guidelines.

What is a Notification?

VNSNY is required to notify a patient’s primary physician of certain plan of care changes, even when the change does not require a signature. These “FYI” messages are called Notifications. After opening, simply click “Acknowledge” and the Notification will drop off your list.

What is “Sign with Changes”?

In this process, you first sign the original order that was sent to you by VNSNY. Then, you create a “Change Order” and submit it to VNSNY to implement going forward.

Can I send VNSNY a new order for my patient?

Yes. Go to the Patients tab and click “Create New Order” below the patient’s name.

When should I select “Not My Order”?

Select “Not My Order” when the order was sent to you in error. If you know the correct physician, please enter that in the textbox.

How can I import VNSNY orders into my EMR?

If your EMR allows you to import a document, you can save the VNSNY order as a PDF on your computer and then import it. Follow the instructions to print an order. Once the PDF is open, mouse over the bottom of the screen to get the Adobe PDF toolbar, which has buttons to save and print.

How can I organize my orders before reviewing them?

You can sort the order list by clicking on any column heading. You can also use the Search box to find orders for a particular patient.

What is the “Face-to-Face Encounter”? and why is it required?

Your patients can only use their Medicare benefit to pay for services if a physician certifies them for homecare. This usually requires a Face-to Face Encounter form at Start of Care.

Is there a way to see orders for staff I oversee (e.g. intern/resident/nurse practitioner)?

If your user setup connects you to other users in your practice, you can see their orders as well as yours. The “My Orders” filter at the top of the Orders list allows you to switch views. Note that once a staff member has pre-approved an order it automatically appears in the supervising MD’s list for co-signature.

What is the “Return” command

This command is available when your staff has created a new order or a change order for you to co-sign. If you want them to change something before signing it you may “Return” it to them for updating.

Patient Information

How can I find a patient?

If you don’t see the patient in your Patients tab, you can use the search box. If you still cannot find the patient, use the Where Is My Patient command to ask VNSNY to locate the patient.

How can I find/contact the VNSNY nurse treating my patient?

On the Patients tab, click “Demographics” under the patient’s name to open that page. The “VNSNY Team Phone” is shown in the grey header at the top. The primary clinician is listed under “VNSNY Clinical Care Team” in the middle of the webpage.

What do I do if I see a patient on my list that I don’t recognize?

You can click “Not my Patient” and write in the correct MD’s information if you know it.

What clinical information is available for my patient?

In the Patients tab, click “Chart” below the patient’s name to view the “Current Plan of Care.” From there you can also open the patient’s “Medication History” and “Clinical Summaries.


What are “PECOS” and “OPRA”?

PECOS” is a Medicare registry for physicians. If your patient wishes to use their Medicare benefit to pay for homecare services, the physician signing treatment orders MUST be PECOS-registered (either enrolled or opted-out). “OPRA” is the Medicaid registry, and a corresponding rule applies.

I just revalidated with PECOS. Why didn’t the Alert go away?

The PECOS system publishes updates every 2 weeks. As soon as the update is published it will be reflected in the portal.

Can I refer a patient to VNSNY through the web?

Click the Refer A Patient tab and complete all the fields with an “*”. You can also call us at the phone number shown at the top of the referral form.

How can I get more help?

Help is available through videos, this FAQ page, and our support phone number – at (833) 439-7492

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