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Here are some commonly asked questions about the Provider Portal. If you require further assistance, please contact VNSNY Provider Portal Support at 1-833-439-7492.


How do I sign an order?

On the Orders tab, click an order to open it. In the signature box on the right, click “Sign,” check the box next to the certification statement, then “Confirm Signature.

Why is my order asking - Please enter the Face-to-Face Encounter Date:

A needed Face to Face Encounter date is the date within the certification period that the physician physically saw the patient. This is needed for all Medicare Patients. Please use the calendar to select the date.

Can I send VNSNY a new order for my patient?

Yes, select “Create Referral” on the top or left-hand side of the page and fill out the required information listed in RED.

When Should I Select “Decline”?

Select “Decline” when the order was sent to you in error. If you know the correct physician, please enter that in the textbox.

When should I select “Not My Order”?

Select “Not My Order” when the order was sent to you in error. If you know the correct physician, please enter that in the textbox.

How can I import VNSNY orders into my EMR?

If your EMR allows you to import a document, you can save the VNSNY order as a PDF on your computer and then import it. Follow the instructions to print an order. Once the PDF is open, mouse over the bottom of the screen to get the Adobe PDF toolbar, which has buttons to save and print.

How can I organize my orders before reviewing them?

You can sort the order list by clicking on any column heading (Patient Name, etc). You can also use the Search box to find orders for a particular patient.

What is the “Face-to-Face Encounter” (F2F)? And why is it required?

Your patients can only use their Medicare benefit to pay for services if a physician certifies them for homecare. This usually requires a Face-to Face Encounter form at Start of Care. You can review and sign these orders by clicking on the F2F/Hospice F2F Review on the top and left hand of the page.

Is there a way to see orders for staff I oversee (e.g. intern/resident/nurse practitioner)?

Select “Site Admin” on the top heading. Under “Update Profile” decide if you would like to “Allow Clinical Staff to Receive Orders” and/or if you authorize  “Physicians in my group to sign my orders.”  These are two different distinct authorizations. Once your options are selected, look to the left side.

Step 1 – select “User Admin”

Step 2 – Create “New User”

Step 3 – Fill out the required information.

To select New User Role use the drop-down function, provide demographic information and enter an e-mail address for the user. They will receive either a temporary password created by you or a generated password as requested. Click on “E-mail Credentials to User” so the information is sent to the user.

Note that once a staff member has “reviewed” an order, it is automatically noted in the “Reviewed By” section.

What are the options under Review Orders for a staff member?

Under this view, the staff can Recommend Approve or Recommend Decline. This option is available when your staff has reviewed an order from your account and has made a recommendation for your review. They can add Staff comments or a decline reason for your review. You are able to view this information before signing or declining the order.

What is the “Return” command

This command is available when your staff has created a new order or a change order for you to co-sign. If you want them to change something before signing it you may “Return” it to them for updating.

Patient Information

How can I view my patients and their information?

Click on Patient “Info” on the top or left side. Once selected, A Patient List, Approved Orders, Attachments, Medications, Wound Images, and many other options will appear on the left. Select the information for review. (Example: In the Episode Summary you will find the patient demographic information to include the DOB, emergency contact, and physician information, etc.)

What do I do if I see a patient on my list that I don’t recognize?

You can click “Remove” and write in the correct MD’s information if you know it.

What clinical information is available for my patient?

In the Patients Info tab to the left or top of the page, you can view the patient list, approved orders, attachments, detail reports, diagnoses, medications, outcomes, schedule, summary report, vital charts/stats, and wound history/images.


Can I refer a patient to VNSNY through the web?

Click the Create a Referral tab on top and complete all the fields in red with an “*”.

How can I get more help?

Help is available through videos, this FAQ page, and our support phone number – at 1-833-439-7492

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