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VNSNY is committed to co-creating evidence-based programs that improve quality while reducing avoidable hospitalizations and emergent care. The outcomes we have demonstrated are the result of an approach to care we call Bringing Medicine Home—partnering with providers to bring rigorous clinical discipline to the practice of health care at home. This means applying best-practice protocols, using risk stratification models, and insisting on observable clinical outcomes.

The case studies below illustrate VNSNY’s ability to co-create programs that measurably improve outcomes for patients and populations:

Promising outcomes in a VNSNY Population Health Initiative among health plan members with chronic conditions

A population health initiative among chronically ill health plan members is exceeding target goals for engagement and reducing utilization.


Demonstrated impact of the VNSNY Orthopedic Rehab Program with joint replacement patients

Joint replacement patients who participated in a home-based, post-surgical rehabilitation program surpassed CMS quality benchmarks in 7 out of 7 OBQI home health care measures, and had a 30-day rehospitalization rate of 2.8%.  


Demonstrated impact of the VNSNY Heart Failure Transitions Program on rehospitalization rates

Patients in a VNSNY Heart Failure Transitional Care Program were 43% less likely to be rehospitalized within 30 days.  


Promising outcomes in a VNSNY Transitional Care Program with a leading health plan

A VNSNY transitional care program with a leading health plan exceeded target goals for reducing 30-day readmissions and achieved 100% member adherence to follow-up appointments.  


Promising outcomes in a VNSNY ED-to-Home Program with a major medical center

A VNSNY collaboration with a major NYC medical center reduced admissions and 30-day return visits among high-risk ED patients, which resulted in an estimated cost savings of more than $4 million with cases discharged directly to VNSNY Home Care from the ED.


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