Your gift today will help keep our staff and patients safe during the COVID-19 crisis in New York.

VNSNY has cared for vulnerable New Yorkers for over 125 years, and our services are critical during this epidemic. Your donation helps provide support and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and more to our staff so they remain healthy, and able to care for those in need.

VNSNY Heroes of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Each of our over 13,000 staff members staff members are working to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Here's how three are helping their patients during this public health emergency:

4 VNSNY Nurses Share Stories of Caring for Patients with COVID-19

Over the last few weeks, VNSNY nurses have been caring for COVID-positive patients returning from the hospital with skill and compassion.

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Two Resilient VNSNY Nurses Provide Critical Care, Comfort, Education, and a “Positive Vibe”

For two VNSNY nurses, home visits are a chance to reassure patients in these uncertain times, screen them for exposure to COVID-19, and keep them connected to care.

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Delivering Care, Groceries, and Peace of Mind

As a home care nurse with VNSNY, Diane enjoys being able to provide one-on-one care to patients, and taking the time to make each one feel special, heard, and understood.

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