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Updates from VNSNY’s CEO and Leadership Team

CEO UPDATE from Marki Flannery

As our country faces the most significant public health crisis of our lifetimes with COVID-19, VNSNY is committed to standing strong, supporting our patients and our communities.

As with other emergencies, VNSNY is playing a central role in helping to save thousands of lives, supporting our patients, our partners, and our community. Our services are absolutely critical to New York during the coronavirus pandemic…

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Leadership Team News & Updates

Facing the Challenges of COVID-19: An Interview with Dr. Jay Dobkin, VNSNY’s Infectious Disease Expert

As Chief Medical Officer of VNSNY CHOICE Health Plans, Dr. Jay Dobkin draws on his infectious disease expertise to advise VNSNY’s leadership on their response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Delivering Home and Hospice Care & COVID-19: An Interview with Dr. Ritchell Dignam, VNSNY's CMO

Dr. Ritchell Dignam, Chief Medical Officer for VNSNY Provider Services and Medical Director for VNSNY Hospice, plays a key role in leading VNSNY's clinical strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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