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Great Gifts for Caregivers

Too little time and too much stress are two constants in a caregiver’s life, and gifts that make their hectic days a little easier are always welcome. So whether there is a caregiver on your list, or you’re looking for some hints to drop to Santa, here are some of our favorites:

Who Doesn’t Love Gift Certificates?

Around the holidays, there are dozens of gift card options. How about narrowing it down to much needed services for house cleaning, landscaping or snow removal, transportation, laundry, or even meal prep and delivery. Hint: If you live nearby and can do the work yourself, home-made coupons are a great option—and be sure to offer reminders if they go unused.

For the Entertainment Minded

A subscription to Netflix or Hulu, or DVR service such as TiVo lets your caregiver watch favorite shows or movies when convenient. Did you see a movie that made you laugh out loud this year? Buy the DVD for a favorite caregiver—a couple of hours of good fun at the end of the day is priceless.

For someone a little more bookish, consider a tablet with a book app or an e-reader like a Nook or Kindle loaded with a few books on his or her reading list. A high-contrast tablet limits eye strain under light or dark conditions, perfect for someone who spends many hours sitting bedside.

A Caregiving Primer

New caregivers are often overwhelmed by what they don’t know. A book about caregiving or about their loved one’s condition can provide information and reassurance. Three suggestions:


Find a licensed massage therapist who can come to the home. Rather than one 60- or 90-minute massage, ask the therapist if shorter treatments are available—this might inspire the caregiver to make it part of his or her routine.

A New Year’s Jump Start

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. How about a few sessions with a personal trainer or a fitness membership? Remember that trial memberships often run for a limited period, which may not work with a caregiver’s schedule, so ask about one based on number of visits. For those who prefer to work out at home, the Wii Fit with Meter takes advantage of Nintendo’s popular game system. Fitbit can help to stay on track and monitor goals and progress.

Small Luxuries

Caregiving often comes with financial stress. Gifts related to a passion or hobby—a set of spices or beautiful utensils for a cook, a skein of cashmere for a knitter or crocheter, sterling silver fittings for someone who makes jewelry—are always welcome. Other ideas:

  • A personalized wristwatch—simply upload a photo, then match it to a band
  • Touchscreen gloves, to check email and Facebook without risking frostbitten fingers

Treats that feel good

Send a batch of cookies from Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, which funds pediatric cancer research, or put together a soothing sampling of de-stressing teas. Gift sets of hand cream and hand soap can keep oft-washed hands from becoming dry.