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Deciding Whether It’s Time for Home Care

As your parents age, there may come a time when they aren’t able to live on their own anymore. If you’re beginning to think about home health care, the following questions can help you decide if it’s the right choice. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, home care may be a good option.

How many times has your mom or dad been hospitalized within the past year?

Most problems are gradual. If you notice that your parent keeps having accidents or needs more supervision than usual, it may be time to bring in a home health care professional.

Is your parent having difficulty walking?

Balance and coordination issues, weakness or numbness in the legs or vision problems could play a role. In addition to being a safety concern, this can be a sign of a bigger problem.

Does your mom or dad take multiple medications?

The more medications your loved one is taking, the more issues that can occur. Poor eyesight can make it difficult to read labels, and memory problems can cause your loved one to forget to take necessary medications.

Does your mom or dad experience shortness of breath?

If so, this could be a sign of asthma or heart failure.

Does your parent have a physical or neurological condition?

Even if your parent is receiving care for his or her condition, it may not be enough.

Does your mom or dad find it harder to manage daily tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, or eating?

When the things that your parent has been doing for his or her entire life become too difficult, it can be a sign of a bigger issue.