High Tech Services

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At the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, we believe that using the most current technologies can help us provide you with the best care possible. Our field staff–nurses, therapists and other professionals–use technology for two primary purposes: 1) to improve communication between us and your doctor, and 2) to improve patient outcomes, which is how well we can help you or your loved one through recovery or on-going care.

Wireless Access in the Field.

Every one of our nurses, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, and social workers carries a laptop computer. They enter their notes from each visit directly into their computers. They can also access VNSNY’s proprietary databases, as well as Medicare, Medicaid and medical expertise to answer questions in your home. And every computer is equipped with special security software to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information.

Medication Database.

Whether you take two medications or twenty, there’s always the chance they may interact in a negative way. When your nurse enters the medicines your doctor has prescribed into your chart, our medication database runs a check to see if there might be any interactions or overlap between them, and can pull up a detailed summary about every drug to answer any questions you might have about its use or contraindications (situations in which a certain drug should not be used).

Regional Health Care Information Organizations (RHIOs).

VNSNY is part of a group effort to develop networks designed to allow your nurse to exchange information with other health care professionals and organizations. With your permission, your VNSNY home care professional can access your medical records from a hospital or view your medical history from your doctor’s office. There’s no waiting for documents to be mailed or faxed, no waiting for phone calls to be returned and you won’t have to repeat medical tests, unless it’s necessary.

Doctor and Patient Portals.

VNSNY is currently testing both a password-protected website for our patients and a website for doctors. These portals are secure, user-friendly systems. The Patient Portal will allow you (or a loved one who is granted access) to see the instructions and Plan of Care for your case. The Physician Portal will allow your doctor to electronically sign home care orders or write new orders, based on any change in your condition, and send them directly to your nurse.

TeleHealth Program.

If your nurse recommends that you participate in our TeleHealth program, we will place an easy-to-use electronic device in your home, which allows you to check your vital signs and then transmit this data to a VNSNY nurse coordinator. If your results are outside what your home care nurse says is normal for you, the coordinator will contact you or your nurse to figure out the cause. With TeleHealth, changes in your health are often caught early enough to keep you from returning to the hospital or visiting the emergency room.

Digital Photography.

If you have a wound, your nurse may ask to take photographs of it. These images will be viewed by VNSNY wound specialists, who will consult with your doctor and make recommendations. The result: Your physician gets an expert’s opinion and may not need to see you as frequently.


For more information on our wide range of home health care services, please call us at 1-800-675-0391, or click here.