When Aphrodite Met Bette

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Bette suffered from Alzheimer’s, and with her family living out of state, she didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, Partners In Care nurse, Aphrodite Fletcher, along with a team of Partners In Care nurses and home health aides, stepped in to provide comprehensive care, coordinating with relatives in Missouri, so Bette can remain in the home she loves.

Bette spent much of her life as a caregiver for infirm or elderly clients. But when she fell ill with Alzheimer’s, her family was scattered across the country and they worried that she would have no one to care for her.

Thanks to the At Home…Where I Belong program, operated by VNSNY’s private subsidiary, Partners In Care, she does. In fact, Bette, 88, receives the round-the-clock support she needs while she continues to live in her Upper West Side apartment. The Partners In Care team coordinates daily care down to the last detail, even tasks like ordering groceries online (always bearing in mind Bette’s favorite, strawberry shortcake) or replacing a broken air-conditioner during a heat wave.

“Without Partners In Care, I don’t know what we would have done,” says her stepson, Lee, who lives in Missouri and has siblings in San Francisco and Atlanta. “The most positive result is that Bette is living in the building where she has a thirty-year history.”

Aphrodite, who visits daily to dispense medications, check vitals and assess Bette’s general well-being, says that remaining in familiar surroundings is especially important to someone with Alzheimer’s. “She recognizes things,” says Aphrodite, “and she feels safer.”

If Bette needs additional care or daily supplies, the team simply emails or calls Lee, and together they take action. “Their communication with me has been beautiful,” he says. “Here’s a woman with a very complicated life, but Partners In Care makes it possible for her to function.”

Bette’s team also includes split-shift home health aides and case manager Betty Jaiswal, who coordinates the care, makes sure it runs smoothly, and handles any unexpected occurrences. Says Betty, “We provide such intensive services for people that they almost feel like they have a family member here.”


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