Options for Payment

When you choose VNSNY as your home health care provider, you can cross “How am I going to pay for this?” off your list of worries. The services we provide are ordered by your doctor and then, as appropriate, VNSNY bills Medicare, Medicaid, your private insurance plan or employer-sponsored health plan. Private insurance plans, including managed care plans, authorize your care before we visit you. VNSNY works directly with most managed care insurance plans offered in New York.

  • Medicare is an insurance program that may cover home health care services, including part-time skilled nursing care, part-time home health aides, rehabilitative therapy (including speech, physical, and occupational therapies), social services, and medical supplies.
  • Medicaid is a health insurance program available to United States citizens and permanent residents who meet certain requirements for income, resources, age, or disability.
  • Private health insurance, such as employer-sponsored plans, managed care plans, and long-term care insurance, can be used to pay for home health services (including skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapy, or services provided by a home health aide), if you don’t participate in or qualify for a government insurance program.
  • Out-of-pocket or private pay may be an option if you want or need more care than public or private insurance plans cover; home health care costs are typically much lower than fees at residential health care facilities.
  • Charitable care is available to uninsured and underinsured New Yorkers with nowhere else to turn. In 2007, we provided nearly $12 million in charitable care, including home care services, to New Yorkers in need.


For more information about payment options and your specific coverage for VNSNY home health care services, please call us at 1-800-675-0391, or click here.