Research to Practice

The new knowledge we gain through our research can only help people if it is put into practice. The Center for Home Care Policy & Research collaborates with VNSNY to devise programs, systems, and other applications that help nurses, therapists, social workers, and other clinical staff delivers the best possible care to their patients. Through national initiatives like the CHAMP Program (Collaboration for Homecare Advances in Management and Practice), we share geriatric expertise with home care agencies across the U.S. to promote excellence in home health care for older people nationwide.

The Center shares the results of its studies in many other ways:

  • We publish articles in peer-reviewed and professional journals.
  • We make our research available to consumer media for coverage.
  • We make presentations to professionals, students, policy makers, and the general public.
  • We submit reports to private foundations and government agencies that, in turn, often make them available to the public.

For a list of our most recent publications, click here.

Our research is used by policy makers in public and private institutions, as well as by managers, practitioners, and consumers of home and community-based services. We have a broad network of collaborative relationships, ensuring that our work remains timely, applicable, and useful. Our many relationships with research institutions, academic centers, government agencies, private foundations, and home health care and other health care providers strengthens the Center’s ability to serve as a hub for information on research advances in the delivery of health care at home.