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The Visiting Nurse Service of New York is the largest not-for-profit home health care organization in the United States. We are also home to a preeminent national research center. With a patient population of more than 131,000 and a staff that includes approximately 2,500 nurses, 525 rehabilitation therapists, 525 social workers, and 11,560 home health aides, VNSNY is an ideal laboratory for conducting research to mobilize the best scientific evidence in support of health care at home.

VNSNY established the Center for Home Care Policy & Research (the Center) in 1993. Unique in the home care setting, the Center aims to solve practical problems and build broader knowledge that helps people recover from short-term illness, manage challenging chronic conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure, and–when the time comes–effectively prepare for advanced illness and the end of life, at home.

The Center’s innovative research and reputation for excellence have enabled it to attract significant grants from private philanthropies and government sources. VNSNY’s patients and their families–along with patients, providers and policy makers across the country–reap the benefits, as the Center combines outside funding with internal VNSNY resources to put our findings into practice.

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VNSNY Home Health Care Research Report

The Visiting Nurse Service of New York is proud to introduce a new resource for up-to-date medical and social research in the field of home health care. The VNSNY Home Health Care Research Report is a blog that provides current commentary by VNSNY researchers and medical journalists as studies are published and presented in journals and at conferences around the world.

Each year, there are hundreds of articles in medical journals and presentations at scientific congresses dealing with home health care. We'll look at data on what's working and what's not, what hospital-based or physician-office-based services are being shifted into the home, and overall, where the field is moving.

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