VNSNY CHOICE was created by the Visiting Nurse Service of New York to bring together the health professionals and providers who care for you, plus the medical services you need to live well at home. The seven health plan options currently being offered by VNSNY CHOICE include Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Preferred, Medicare MaximumMedicare ClassicMedicare EnhancedLong Term Care plans, (VNSNY CHOICE TotalVNSNY CHOICE MLTC) and VNSNY CHOICE SelectHealth, a health plan for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. VNSNY CHOICE health plans are open to residents living within the Medicare Advantage or MLTC service areas, and are eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, or both.

For more information about any VNSNY CHOICE plan or the service areas covered by VNSNY CHOICE, please contact us