Medicaid is a health insurance program available to United States citizens and permanent residents who meet certain requirements for income, resources, age, or disability.

In general, Medicaid covers most skilled nursing care, whether at home or in a facility, and personal care provided by a home health aide. Medicine, supplies, and equipment, as well as transportation to and from medical appointments, may also be covered. In addition, some services, equipment, and supplies may require prior approval before they can be covered.

In order to help your family member get the health care required, it is important to plan ahead for Medicaid eligibility and to learn the rules necessary for Medicaid application so that you know what is required and how to comply.

To find out if you meet eligibility requirements, contact the following office in your area:

  • In New York City: the Human Resources Administration by calling
    718-557-1399 (residents of the five boroughs of New York City may call toll free at 1-877-472-8411).
  • In Nassau County: the Nassau County Department of Social Services by calling 516-227-7474.
  • In Westchester County: the Westchester County Department of Social Services by calling 914-995-5000.

Medicaid applicants must show proof of age and citizenship, a Social Security card, proof of current income and assets, and a Medicare benefit card.

For more information about eligibility, application, and coverage, click here.


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