The influenza virus can be a devastating illness, especially for individuals at high-risk for developing complications, such as seniors, young children and those with chronic health conditions. To help vulnerable people avoid the flu, VNSNY works with the New York City Department of Health in many housing sites that are part of the Housing-Based Care Program to administer vaccine to the residents.

If you’re a resident in one of our congregate locations, you may simply be able to look for flyers and posters in your building to find dates when the flu vaccine will be administered. (Best of all, many times, living in a Housing-Based Care setting means you won’t need to leave the residence to receive the immunization.)

If you are not sure whether it is appropriate for you to receive a vaccine or not, talk to a VNSNY nurse who can answer questions about side effects or other concerns you may have.

In addition to the flu vaccine, VNSNY is currently exploring offering immunizations against other diseases, including pneumonia. Check our website regularly for more information.


For more information on immunizations, please call 1-800-675-0391.