VNSNY Behavioral Health Program

According to research, the percentage of the homebound elderly population who suffer from depression ranges from 13.5% to 46%. The condition can be made worse by a medical episode, such as surgery, a new diagnosis or even a fall.

The VNSNY Behavioral Health Program can help your loved one by treating the emotional and behavioral symptoms that often accompany physical illness. It’s been proven effective at:

  • Increasing compliance with treatment
  • Reducing unplanned hospitalizations
  • Improving the quality of life of both the patient and family members

Our doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, clinical specialists, and home health aides are specially trained to deal with any of your loved one's behavioral and medical symptoms. They work in partnership with the patient’s primary doctor to deliver five interventions that improve patient outcomes: assessment, self-management techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication management, and community linkages.


For more information about the VNSNY Behavioral Health program, speak to your loved one’s doctor or call 1-855-VNSNY-NOW to speak with a Customer Care specialist.