Caregiver Support

When you are responsible for your ailing parent’s or disabled child’s care, you may find that your remaining time and energy go toward meeting the needs of your other children and your spouse, or to fulfilling your work obligations. Finding the time to take care of yourself may be your lowest priority.

As a caregiver, you run the risk of burning out. Finding the support you need is essential to reduce physical and mental exhaustion and to ensure that you can continue to provide the care your loved one needs. A VNSNY social worker has the resources you need to prevent burnout and maintain your health, this support and assistance can you help you avoid placing your loved one in a nursing home prematurely.

Caregiver support can help:

  • Increase your family’s support system.
  • Show you ways to develop or strengthen your coping skills.
  • Teach you how to care for yourself.
  • Support your caregiving efforts.

In addition, your social worker can provide you with referrals to support programs, including respite services. When you take the steps necessary to care for yourself, you can learn to address problems before they become crises or lead to burnout.


For more information about VNSNY’s social work services, including caregiver support, please call us at 1-800-675-0391, or go to Caregiver Resources.