Bio-Psychosocial Assessments

When you or a loved one suffers a serious illness or injury, you may be so overwhelmed with managing the physical side of your medical condition that you ignore the social and psychological aspects of your health. A bio-psychosocial assessment can help to identify strengths and weaknesses that may affect your treatment and recovery.

Performed by a medical social worker, this comprehensive assessment evaluates your abilities to function and cope with your medical condition on three levels:

  1. biological (or physical),
  2. psychological,
  3. and social.

A VNSNY social worker will interview you and, if appropriate, family members or caregivers, and will review your medical history–including prior conditions and hospitalizations as well as your current health status.

The assessment will:

  • Review your social and support network, including family relationships, friends, and involvement in religious and community groups.
  • Identify cultural traditions or ethnic practices that need to be considered when developing your plan of care and managing your condition.
  • Review your understanding of your disease and its prognosis, and how well you are complying with medical treatment.
  • Assess your mental and cognitive status, noting changes in behavior, mood, memory, or thought processes.
  • Evaluate the effects your illness or injury may have on your ability to work or your financial status.
  • Identify any behaviors you may have developed in adapting to your condition, as well as coping skills, attitudes, and strengths that may help with your recovery.

With a bio-psychosocial assessment, you or your loved one will have an invaluable tool to meet all of the challenges related to your illness.


For more information about VNSNY's social work services, including bio-psychosocial assessments, please call us at 1-800-675-0391.