Personal Care Coordination

Tending to the needs of a sick or ailing loved one or an elderly relative can be overwhelming, especially if you live far away. You want to help but you can only do so much. That's where we come in.

Through our affiliate company, Partners in Care, we begin with a thorough assessment to gain a full understanding of the issues and concerns that the patient and caregiver face. A registered nurse and a social worker, specializing in the needs of the elderly, will recommend a plan to ensure that your loved one is safe and secure. In addition, your nurse will act as a case manager to coordinate all the medical care and personal assistance your loved one needs, from scheduling and escorting you back and forth to appointments, to assistance with household tasks, to administering medications or providing round-the-clock nursing care at home or in a facility. We can also help you get access to community resources, like support groups, adult daycare centers and other programs that may be available to you.

All of our staff members are carefully screened and receive specialized training, and they are insured. You can feel comfortable allowing our employees into your home. 


For more information about our personal care coordination services, please call us at 1-888-943-8435, or click here