Maternity, Newborn, Pediatrics

Newborn Care

After your baby is born, you’ll want to be sure he or she is healthy and is growing properly. Your VNSNY registered nurse can:

  • Provide specialized care for premature or low birth weight babies, babies with underlying medical conditions, or those who experienced birth trauma
  • Measure your baby and assess his or her health and development, and monitor the need for any early intervention services
  • Answer questions about caring for your baby, and show you how to breastfeed, diaper, feed, dress, and bathe your baby safely

Maternal Health

New mothers who’ve experienced a high-risk pregnancy may require special medical attention, too. Your VNSNY registered nurse can provide you with:

  • Support to manage your gestational diabetes
  • The care you need to heal after giving birth, including post-cesarean wound care
  • Emotional support as you adjust to this life-changing event, including helping you to recognize the signs of postpartum depression

Terms You Need To Know

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)

A nationally recognized model of nurse home visiting that improves health, development, and life outcomes for young mothers and their children over the long term. In 2006, VNSNY was one of three organizations more...


For more information about VNSNY’S Maternity, Newborn and Pediatrics services, please contact 1-800-675-0391.