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The VNSNY College Relations Department has designed a suite of educational programs for students in nursing and rehabilitation to gain knowledge of the specialty field of home health care. We strive to build a talent pipeline for nurses and therapists interested in exploring a career in home health care. By offering educational opportunities to students, VNSNY is meeting the dual challenge posed by the national shortage of skilled home health care professionals and the need to create a more direct career path to home health care. To learn more about our programs, download our quarterly newsletter here.  

New Graduate Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist Mentorship Program

VNSNY's mentorship program offered new and recent physical and occupational therapy graduates the opportunity to learn all about rehabilitation in home health care through the guidance of a dedicated rehab clinical advisor (RCA) and an enriched transition-to-practice curriculum.

VNSNY's comprehensive and unrivaled mentorship program allowed new grad PTs and OTs to:

  • Enhance their clinical and critical thinking skills;
  • Develop professionally under the guidance of a mentor with one-to-one field supervision for the first two months of employment;
  • Collaborate with experienced colleagues on an interprofessional service team
  • Take advantage of long-term career opportunities and
  • Become "expert-generalists." 

Applications are currently closed.

Nurse and Rehab Summer Scholars in Home Health Care Internship

2014 Scholars in Home Health Care — For Nursing Students
For eight weeks each summer, VNSNY offers paid summer internships which provide education work opportunities for nursing students about to enter their senior year.  The program includes:

  • Classes, conferences, and observational field experiences
  • Mentoring by experienced VNSNY nurses
  • Access to nurse recruiters and job listings
  • A comprehensive perspective of the specialty of home health care

To learn more about our program, view our video or read student testimonials.  To view the video on YouTube, click here. Applications are currently closed. Please visit our website again around February 2015 to apply for this internship.  

2014 Rehab Scholars in Home Health Care — For PT and OT Students

VNSNY also offers 8-week, paid summer internships to physical and occupational therapy students.  This sister program assigns students to work with experienced VNSNY physical therapy and occupational therapy clinicians within the five boroughs of New York City or Nassau or Westchester County. Download our program flyer here. Applications are currently closed. Please visit our website again around February 2015.  

Senior-Year Work-Study Internship Program for Nursing and Rehabilitation Students

VNSNY offers nursing and rehabilitation students work-study assignments that vary in length, project, and focus.  The program schedule is flexible and adapted around the student’s availability while attending classes.  These experiences, often administrative and research based, are designed to:

  • Promote leadership
  • Increase communication skills
  • Foster professional growth
  • Develop educational design skills
  • Hone business acumen
  • Encourage research proficiency

Please visit and type in the keyword intern to apply for available positions.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Clinical Affiliations

Clinical affiliations at VNSNY are available to senior-year physical therapy and occupational therapy students from accredited rehabilitation programs. Please send fieldwork or clinical affiliation reservation forms to our coordinators of clinical education in the VNSNY Rehab Centers of Excellence.